Doula Love Notes

"Javiera es una excelente Doula, siempre atenta al proceso previo, durante y después del parto. Es una mujer armoniosa que brinda amor y cordialidad durante el parto. Ella se ha preparado y sabe qué hacer en cada etapa, conoce técnicas diversas y en especial las tradicionales que ayudan a la mujer que está partiendo. 

En el caso del parto de mi hija, Javiera mostró serenidad y siempre sabía qué necesitaba mi hija, puso el cuarto en penumbra, sonidos relajantes y sus manos siempre listas para ayudar.

Le agradezco su amabilidad y su sabiduría para guiar en todo momento el avance y la serenidad de mi hija. Su trabajo es  muy valioso y su conocimiento, ella es madre lo que agrega a una experiencia mayor. Javiera es muy joven, y contrasta esa juventud con la gran sabiduría y experiencia.

Recomiendo ampliamente a la Doula Javiera Sobarzo para asistir a personas que hablan español y también en inglés.

Gracias Javiera lo mejor para ti. Luz en tu camino" - Ana, mother of  client, Tania

"I highly recommended Javiera as a Doula. She is wonderful. I had a memorable pregnancy, birth delivery and even postpartum thanks to her. She is assertive, well informed and very kind. She helped me managing my doubts, worries, and pains not only because she shared books, valuable information, yoga sessions, and rituals with me, but also because she made to my husband and mother part of this process which was more meaningful to us. Sometimes she translated from English to Spanish in order to my mother understood what was going on in the Hospital. In a few words, she made everything to make us feel comfortable, calm and stable all the time. Gracias por todo, hiciste que la llegada de nuestra bebé fuer algo realmente hermoso." - Tania  

"You really exceeded our expectations. I really appreciate how much you supported Montana in her emotional, physical, and spiritual needs and in general supporting our family's well being. I'm excited for you starting your work as a doula, I can tell you're going to do great things. We'll be seeing you around and keeping you and your family in our prayers. Thanks again." - Nico, husband of client, Montana

Javiera is an absolutely incredible doula. I felt so lucky to have not only a friend, but an informed, stable persona in my birth team. The care that she provided for our family was above and beyond what my husband and I expected. The blessingway ceremony she provided after hearing how I felt sad and somewhat disconnected from the pregnancy bliss left me feeling so cared for and loved. Her yoga helped me feel release in my hips that had held pain for weeks and of which I couldn't figure out how to let go of. She taught me many techniques of relaxation to prepare for childbirth and ultimately provided me with an amazing balance ball that helpd calm the contractions. And trust me when I say that anything that can relieve contractions is a downright miracle. Her level of compassion and calmness was so vital in my birth experience. Even in my most humble of moments, Javi walked with me during active labor to the bathroom and tended to me while I had diarrhea and was crying about my inability to "go on." But she comforted me and held space for me to go through my vulnerable process and ultimately, I was able to be uninhibited and fully embrace the experience of birth with her steadfast by my side. What I loved about the experience most was her trust in birth and lack of fear. I felt so held and hopeful knowing Javiera had recently gone through her own birth as well and felt that she could truly relate to me as another younger mother. Later on during postpartum, she brought meals and kind words and facilitated a closing of the hips ceremony that made me feel honored as a new mother. I highly recommend Javiera to any birthing client and am so, so grateful for her presence at my birth and in my life. I honstly could not have asked for a better birth experience and feel so blessed that Javi was a part of it.

Yoga Love Notes

Javiera has been one of my favorite yoga teachers since I started practicing with her in 2014. She is very intentional about planning her classes and really knows how to drop in and read a room. Javi clearly lives the yoga philosophy in everything that she does, her calm and collected demeanor makes for a very safe and sacred feeling space. When I first started practicing with Javiera I was in a very deep depression - the mantras and mindful movements she shared with me helped pull me out of the dark head space I was in, which I am forever grateful for. She is very skilled at connecting students to their bodies, the earth, and each other. She has the unique ability to instill a love for yoga in her students through sharing her passion and compassion. Thank you for sharing your practice Javiera! - Kristin

I took Javiera's classes when she was working with the yoga service collective. She has a calming and encouraging presence. Taking classes with her was a gift! - Ryan

Javiera is a transformative yoga teacher! Her classes are a perfect combination of gentle and challenging, and my body feels very healthily stretched and sore after! She is very skilled, and knows how to modify for beginners. She brings this patience and calm strength to her flow. Every time I’ve taken her class I feel I learned something new, and she’s very welcoming and easy to talk to. I’m sure she’s an incredible doula as well! -Yarden

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