Javiera Sobarzo
Doula and Yoga Instructor

It has been through my experience of carrying, birthing and now raising a child that I understand the importance and necessity of help during these sacred transitions. We are not meant to do this work alone; it really takes a community for it to be sustainable. As a doula, my intention is to walk with you so that you feel nurtured, cared for, heard and empowered during your journey into parenthood.

Through my practice of yoga, I found greater appreciation  for my body, breath, mind and emotions, and this resulted in feeling more at ease with who I am. I love yoga because every moment can be yoga! The very act of paying attention and being mindful is yoga. Noticing your breath, where your feet are, what’s around you, what emotions are present is yoga. Life’s ups and downs are yoga, and yoga has helped me be more aware in choosing how I respond to life’s events. I love sharing this practice with others.

Some of my deepest hopes are for every person to feel safe, nurtured and cared for by their community, and in their body and mind, and to remember our connection to the earth and each other.

I have completed many trainings including 8 Limbs Yoga Centers Yoga Teacher Training (2013), Street Yoga's trauma-informed teacher training (2016), Synergy Yoga's Pre and Postnatal teacher training (2017), enCircle Doula Training through Big Belly Services (2017), Placenta Medicine training through Medicina de Placenta Chile y Latinoamérica, y Matriz Ancestral Doula (Chile, 2018) and Doulas of Grief training through Hathor Terapias y Matriz Ancestral Doula (Chile, 2018).

Pregnancy, Labor and Postpartum Support
Placenta Medicine

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